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Since I was a teenager I have always had the latest camera or video from Sony’s to Nikon’s, the D5 series became the one for me. I grew up admiring my father’s artisan talent when it comes to photography and art.  He had a passion for family photography. Having a family of 10 children and 20 grandchildren explains his craze for family portraits, I just love those old black and white photos. I know that I owe my love for visual story telling to him.  With a sister in the luxury fashion design business, it wasn’t long before I started getting passionate about shooting photos and videos on the runway at fashion shows and gala events. Shooting runway models was somewhat like capturing iconic images of celebrities and from there I was hooked. Today at EliteMinds I work with executives, entrepreneurs and models to enhance their personal brand by visual storytelling with high end photography and videography for all media platforms, PR, marketing and website collateral.

Visual Brand Story Telling

Not everyone is a digital marketing strategist but everyone can benefit from professional photography and videography to tell their brand story.  We all know this saying “a picture is worth ten  thousand words” by Fred R. Barnard 1927.

Visual Personal Branding

Create a favorable first impression with some compelling high res, high gloss images. Tell your story through magazine like photos and videos.

Personal Brand Logos, Monograms, Blogs Websites and More

Your personal branding  journey starts with your authentic personality and style. EliteMinds can help you create your personal brand on all digital platforms including your logo, monogram, business cards, pitch deck, bio, resume, video, blog and personal website.

Your Photo Gallery

Your media represents your brand and your business. We are seeing the power of visual communications with the growth of social media marketing campaigns. Professional photography is becoming more crucial to promote your personal brand. Have a personal portfolio of current professional photos for you to change up your digital media often and keep it fresh. Photos improve non-verbal communication and influences our emotions. Great luxurious photos increase engagement.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
— Karl Lagerfeld

Personal Stylist

Getting ready for a photo or video shoot requires preparation. Posture, make up and colour choices can be powerful. Work with one of EliteMinds personal stylists for your colour analysis, wardrobe, makeup and style consultation.

Strong Digital Presence

Let EliteMinds help you get some attention on your personal brand through designing your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, your website and your blog posts.

Street Photography 

When I’m shooting  photos or a video in the street, I have come to expect the unexpected. Whether it’s rain, wind, very cold weather or people stopping to watch, I try to have some fun. From choosing the right lens, telephoto, wide angle or a compact camera to be discreet. I like focusing on the details to get the money shot. Street photography and videography creates more graphic visual elements with colour, composition, and good light.  I find that outdoor images are more modern and they capture more emotions.

The Money Shot 

When it comes to the money shot, it’s always about the eyes, strong stories and pivotal moments when a single photo is telling the story with raw emotion. The money shot is the photo that stands out from the rest.

Knowing Your Client

I enjoy getting to know my clients and relaxing them. I take my clients to a happy place by finding out interesting facts about them and what makes them tick. I like making my clients smile with confidence.

Get Started

Whether you are an A-Lister or new to the market, EliteMinds can help you with a photo and video consultation, editorial plan, style and wardrobe consultation and kick off plan.

Photography, videography, visual personal branding and fashion is not only in my heritage, it’s now my legacy.

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”
— Andy Warhol


Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson, CEO, eliteMinds Media Group Inc. One of EliteMinds portrait photographers and videographers. With a focus on personal branding for EliteMinds with clients ranging from top executives, entrepreneurs to models. Known for creating corporate photos, photo galleries, videos, magazine like biographies, photo resumes, websites, blogs and marketing campaigns.


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